Perfectamente ubicado en el corazón de Rancagua, Chile, el Hotel Manquehue Rancagua está muy cerca de las atracciones más populares, actividades y lugares para visitar en esta ciudad andina de las colinas. Para ayudarle a planificar su aventura en Rancagua, nuestro personal experto está disponible con recomendaciones o para organizar excursiones, transporte, etc. Las atracciones y atracciones cercanas a nuestro hotel incluyen:

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This historic mining town is also known as the “City of Stairs.” Its architecture has earned the city a World Heritage Site designation and its fascinating museum tells the story of the town’s copper mining heritage and the people who built the city.

Parque Safari de Rancagua

In addition to the animal exhibits, this zoo takes visitors through a five-acre enclosure that is home to six lions. The trucks are enclosed in metal cages, and meat is thrown onto the roof. Once the lions leap onto the cage, visitors get a very up close and personal look at these magnificent animals. This tour is not for the faint of heart!

Estadio el Teniente

Home to the local football club O’Higgins, this multipurpose stadium has hosted games for the Copa Libertadores de América, the Copa Sudamericana, and the Copa Conmebol and was named one of the top 32 stadiums in the world in 2014.

Reserva Rio Cipreses

A favorite of outdoorsmen and nature lovers, this stunningly beautiful nature reserve features exotic animal and plant life, including birds, lizards, and mammals. There are also mountains and valleys, a volcano and two hiking routes, the Tricahues Trail and the Los Peumos Trail. 

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